Who we are


  • Promote sustainable timber harvest and other economic development in Sanders County
  • Help public agencies expedite project implementation and completion by providing diverse input into project planning – helping to frame the projects to offer multiple benefits
  • Support recreational use of public lands and encourage expanded access
  • Strive to generate a unified voice on potential actions in the management of public lands
  • Look for those opportunities where management can balance social, economic, and ecosystem benefits
  • Help public agencies create projects and provide input on agency programs of work
  • Offer follow-up and monitoring on completed projects

Membership and Participation:

Participation in the Sanders County Collaborative is open to any interested citizens.  A person may become a voting member by attending at least two meetings and submitting a written request to the Chair of the Collaborative indicating his/her desire to become a voting member and affirming that he/she supports the terms of the charter.  Members will sustain their status as voting members as long as they attend at least two-thirds of the meetings of the collaborative over the course of the previous 12 months.   Remote participation via a live telephone linkage will be considered full participation.

People may also participate in any of the meetings as non-member participants.  Employees of public sector land management agencies are encouraged to participate, but they may not become voting members of the collaborative to ensure independence of the collaborative.

If you would like more information about joining us, please email us at: SandersCollab@Gmail.com

You can view and download our charter here:

Our members:
Zach Whipple-Kilmer; Co-Chair
Willy Peck; Co-Chair
Denley Loge
Mike Lilly
Jerry Shively
Carol Brooker
Paul Fielder
Mark Sheets
John Errecart
Everett Young
Cody Daiutolo

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