Current projects

We are ALWAYS looking for ways to work collaboratively on local land issues with our government partners. If you have something you’d like to work towards or be involved with, please let us know. Here is what we’re currently working in in 2020:

Wilks-Cherry timber sale: We will begin working on the Wilks-Cherry project in Thompson Falls with the USFS. This project is located south of Thompson Falls between the Clark Fork River and the Mount Bushnell IRA. The sale area is projected to be around 60,000 acres and we’re not sure of board feet at this point of time. Besides timber output, this project will include stream restoration work, recreation work (trails, potential campground improvements) among other opportunities.

How can you help?: We’re looking for partners to identify areas for timber harvest, recreation improvements and other improvements in the timber sale boundary.

Falls Flat Connector Trail/Ferry Landing Recreation Area Project (Highway 138): The USFS has recently received a grant to relocate the Cascade Falls trail head and trail along Highway 138. This grant will also facilitate funds to restore the Ferry Landing Recreation area.

How can you help?: The Mineral County Resource Coalition and Sanders County Collaborative are planning to schedule a work day in August to help with the project. A date and work list will be out in the near future. Please e-mail for more information.

For a map of the project area, please click here:

Thompson Falls, MT EPA Recreation Planning Grant: Thompson Falls, MT has recently received a rural recreation grant from the EPA. This grant will help category recreational opportunities in and around Thompson Falls. A long-term plan will hopefully be in place for marketing and other resources.

How you can help?: There will be workshops in the fall of 2020 for residents to give input on the various recreation opportunities in the area and how we can improve access to these places.

ABL-T Timber Sale: The USFS is currently working on the ABL-T timber sale in the Prospect Creek drainage of Thompson Falls. We are currently planning a field trip to the area in late June/early July. Please visit our Facebook page for more information or if you’d like to participate:

-Quarterly meetings with the Mineral County Resource Coalition: The Sanders County Collaborative and Mineral County Resource Coalition have recently begun having quarterly meetings between our collaboratives. These meetings are being held to better understand what is going on between our two collaboratives in regards to forest management and recreation projects. Our next meeting is scheduled for August, if you’d like to attend our meeting, please e-mail us at: for more information or to be added to our e-mail list.

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